nothing is forever.

but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the present for what it is. and thats exactly what it is - a gift. kids dont unwrap a birthday present and just stare at it and thinks about how one day that toy might run out of batteries or when they're going to outgrow it. nobody buys new clothes and just stares at it thinking about how one day it might get worn out or when it goes out of fashion. so why should anybody stare at the things we have have now and think about when it might go away and no longer be? nothing is forever, that is a fact. but that doesn't mean we should just sit and mope about the inevitable end. things have to go away for new things to come into our lives. sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. but thats another topic for another day. its like when you're on a vacation and in the last day or two, you kinda start dragging your feet and moping cus you know that soon you're going to have to go back to the real world - to your job, to your problems, back to all the stress. and even though it may be true and it is sad, it doesnt mean we should let it ruin the rest of our vacation -- it just means you have to make it that much more worth it. it means you party a little harder, stay up a little later, and milk it for every last bit of fun left! so just because some of my close friends might be moving away or i might be graduated or i might not play for my teams anymore, doesn't mean i should just sit and have a pity party about it. it means i should stop having a pity party and instead spend my time with the people i love and make the most out of the time we have left. so here's to an unforgettable summer and making memories that we'll remember no matter where we may end up <3


Kshu said...

love it :) ok, now time to get cupcakes!

Stephanie Lee said...

word! :) miss you!!!